Get Healthy – By Megan Taylor Morrison 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

As you sprinkle cinnamon on your hot chocolate or spice up a cold night with cayenne pepper, you may be doing more than adding flavor. Spices are part of an “anti-inflammatory lifestyle” that can help prevent illness, said Bharat Aggarwal, author of “Healing Spices: How to Use 50 Everyday and Exotic Spices to Boost Health and Beat Disease” and cancer researcher at the University of Texas at Houston. “Any kind of disease — cancer, diabetes, arthritis — is caused by lifestyle,” he said. “If you can control inflammation, you can control all of these diseases. How do you contol inflammation? Spices are the answer. We have found it, everybody else has found it.”Many researchers are linking inflammation to a plethora of diseases, said Judy Fulop, a naturopath at Northwestern Integrated Medicine.

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