Ashland Daily Didings – by Bonnie Nedrow

Friday, February 13, 2012

When parents ask me as a naturopathic doctor about the pros and cons of vaccinating their child, I help them break it down into which vaccine they want, when they want to start and how many doses they will need. I counsel my clients to make a plan.  Waiting to vaccinate should be a conscious decision, not a delay based on fear.

During 11 years of private practice, I have read dozens of books and newspaper articles, searched hundreds of websites and taken numerous seminars, all with the intention of offering the most unbiased information on an extremely emotional topic. The first concern with vaccinating young babies is the negative impact on the developing immune system. Babies are born with very little natural immunity and are reliant on passive immunity from breast milk. Stimulating the infant’s immature immune system with a vaccine increases the child’s risk of allergies.

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